Margaret Olivarez

Owner / Qualifying Broker

Margaret Olivarez

Margaret Olivarez

Owner / Qualifying Broker
Phone: M: 505-304-1551 505-304-1551 mobile
Office: Albuquerque West Properties
3901 72nd Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120
Team AWP

Albuquerque West Properties is a small boutique company with BIG RESULTS.


We started in 2011, when most companies were closing down due to hardship after the economic crash.


Our goal is to always focus on customer service, as well as success with our clients. Thanks to so many clients’ referrals, Albuquerque West Properties was able to take off. In 2015, we started adding Brokers to not only keep up with the demand, but to build a strong solid real estate company.


I grew up in real estate in southern California. My parents were brokers and professional flippers. I started working on their homes at age 14, doing things such as painting, wallpapering, flooring, etc. I also learned how to stage homes and to effectively hold open houses. I have 12 years experience in pest control; I was a licensed applicator for sales, pests, and termites. I also have five years experience in construction, doing everything from demolition, plumbing, kitchen and bath, roofing, and drywall installation. I can do anything in or out of a house. Add to that ten years experience in landscaping, including ownership and operations of Alternative Landscaping Company in Albuquerque. Finally, here in New Mexico, I'm proud to boast over fifteen years of real estate experience.


When the real estate market bottomed out in 2008 and so many families were hurting, I chose to help my clients any way I could. Sometimes that meant not selling them a home or not selling their home, as it was not always in their best interest. When companies like Eclipse Aviation shut down and people had to relocate in a hurry, I sold their homes for a small fee to help them during this very rough time. 

Big box companies frowned upon staff not making full commissions and reprimanded them instead of praising them. As times got tougher, fees I paid to franchise companies became larger. 


I believe in customer care and customer satisfaction. I want my brokers and clients to enjoy the entire purchasing and selling process. I think my brokers should be allowed the freedom of helping their clients in ways that build solid relationships.  I want brokers to enjoy their families and lives first and foremost. Selling real estate can be a part-time or full-time job, but as long as my brokers are happy with their lives, they will be happy with their sales. I set goals with brokers based on fun, family, and travel... and then add in their business goals.