Margaret Olivarez
Albuquerque West Properties

Put Albuquerque West Properties’ experience to work for you! We have the path, from home shopping to the day you get your keys, paved and ready for you!


Step One           Meet with the mortgage company so you know your budget for your home.

Step Two           Meet with us for your consultation appointment.

Step Three         Home shop and make an offer!

Step Four           The contract is accepted and the earnest money is delivered to the title company.

Step Five            Buyer’s due diligence: inspection and document period. We will help you review documents, review inspections, and negotiate appropriate responses.

Step Six              Appraisal is conducted.

Step Seven         Final walk-through.

Step Eight          Your loan is approved and closing documents are sent to the title company to sign.

Step Nine           Signing of documents.

Step Ten             The deed is recorded at the County Recorder’s office and you get the keys to your new home!